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Class 1 We have had a very productive week in Class One.

We have been creating our Mothers’ Day cards – we hope you love how unique they are, the children put lots of thought, effort, and love into them all.

In maths we have been learning our doubles – we have a doubles song to help us!

We are working hard with our sentence writing and have used this to write about different kinds of habitats.

We have begun practising our poem for Awesome Endings – we are trying hard to use our loud voices.

At Forest School we enjoyed making pitta pizzas and making homes for the woodland creatures Mrs Turney had found.

In PSED we have been talking about ways we can help those who help us, and also ways we can help our friends. Everyone came up with lots of lovely ideas. We made ‘Help Pledges’, so hopefully some of you may have some helpers over the weekend!


Class 2 have warmly welcomed Miss Chambers into Class 2 this week.   They were eager to learn about the author 'Beatrix Potter' in our new narrative unit and had lots of enthusiasm for Peter Rabbit.  We learned about the North and South Pole in Geography, finding out about the differences between the two polar regions.  In Science we went on a microhabitats hunt, finding woodlice, worms and a few other minibeasts in our search.  We continued printing during art whilst card making.  They were programming pros in our last programming computing lesson, all achieving programming certificates which are now in out computing class book.  I'm always so proud of the support the children give one another (and adults) during computing lessons, to help one another as technical difficulties arise.   Another great week, finished with our wonderful action songs this morning.  A big thank you to Mrs Dinwoodie in helping us learn these songs.


Class 3 This week in Class 3, we have been building our writing skills by writing explanations.  We used a book about the Digestive System to learn about explanation texts and we are starting to write on our own.  Our explanations will be all about volcanoes.  Science involved making simple circuits and testing how changing the number of bulbs can affect a circuit.   In Geography, it has been all about the volcanoes, learning the types of volcanoes and where in the world they are.  In Maths, we are practising measuring and learning how to calculate the perimeter.  We got crafty at the end of the week and all will be revealed on Sunday. We enjoyed taking part in non-uniform day for Comic relief and found out what charities and causes Comic Relief supports.  We also tried to make each other laugh!  


Class 4 performed amazingly at the Music and Drama festival. They sang with such enthusiasm and professionalism. We were so proud of everyone, such a talented bunch of children!

In Science this week, we have been learning about how light reflects, the children made their own periscopes and tested them out. In Geography, the children designed information leaflets to inform their audience about the effects of climate change around the world. In English, everyone has enjoyed writing a diary entry in the character of 'Isatou'. This half term, our key text is linked to Climate Change, we are recognising that everyone can make small changes and have a positive impact on the environment. 



What amazing performances from Class 2 & 4 at the Music & Drama Festival this week!  You sang beautifully.  We have also had solo performers who have done amazingly well too.  You have all represented school so wonderfully and we are very proud of each and every one of you!  Well done to you all for putting such hard work in which has paid off!

Class 1 “When Mr Barnes to teach our PE. I liked it all”.

“I liked telling my friends all about my Daddy’s new car, it’s brilliant inside!”.

“When we were doing the Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor game in PE”.

“Going to Forest School, I loved everything”.

“I liked writing what we had for breakfast and our voting station”.

“We played in the forest and had pancakes from the fire”.

“Cooking the pancakes at Forest School”.

“I loved trying popcorn, we listened for the pop pop pop!”.


Class 2

We loved watching Class 3's dance in the hall.  P.E. is fun.  I like tag rugby.    Art was good.  I liked making a printing block from potatoes and clay.  I enjoyed printing.   I like science, maths, English, music, R.E., lunch and playtimes.  I like phonics.  I love reading time. 


Class 3 This week in Class 3 we have enjoyed U Dance – we did a dance about volcanos. 

In French we learnt how to say 10 different instruments. 

We enjoyed PE with Mr Barns. 

We have enjoyed writing about the Gut Garden.


Class 4 We have enjoyed practising our singing for the Music and Drama festival. We have improved lots!

In Science, we have enjoyed investigating light, finding out about 'The colour spectrum'. We used prisms to see the colours of the rainbow when light was refracted. We created a colour wheel to show that white appears when the wheel is spinning fast because the colours mix together.

We are improving our skills in PE (tag rugby) and are ready for a rugby game next week. 

We have really enjoyed taking part in drama and role play this week in English, placing ourselves in the shoes of the main character. We also took turns in 'The Hot Seat' asking and answering questions about ‘Isatou'. We are reading a story from another culture called 'One Plastic Bag' and I really enjoyed making predictions about the events so far. 

Class 1

“I liked playing with the Lego and building towers”.

“Playing with my friends in the writing area”.

“I loved playing with the cars. We drove them up to the new house and down the tunnels”.

“I liked being a train in our dance lesson”.

“I loved playing stuck in the mud when Beth was in for PE”.

“I liked playing with the dinosaurs in our new house”.

“Doing our maths investigations afternoon”.

“Doing the playdough worms”.


Class 2 

Creating the world during digital art.

Learning to times by two and divide by two in year two maths.

Going to the gymnastics competition.

Golden time and reading reward playtime.

Learning songs in music.

Thinking about the cheerful giver who was poor but gave more than the rich people.

Lunchtime, talking to my friends when we eat our dinner.

Playing football outside and making up games at playtime.


Class 3  This week in Class 3 we have enjoyed making a double page spread about what we learnt in Science. 

We have enjoyed all music – people have done recorder, some people piano, guitar and flute. 

We enjoyed carrying on a story about a white rabbit in English. 

We enjoyed learning what guitar, flute, recorder, drums and clarinet are in French.

In guided reading we liked reading Charlotte’s Web.


Class 4

We have enjoyed creating bookmarks, to share our reading book recommendations with our friends.

We have enjoyed writing stories about the Troll who came to town, we used a story starter to help with our ideas.

We have enjoyed our first SATs booster session, we worked on our Maths and SPaG, which helped us lots. 

I have enjoyed singing with Mr King, we are getting better at learning our songs.

We have enjoyed Lacrosse with Mr Barnes; it is quite challenging because you have to talk each other about tactics, and it requires a lot of technique.

Class 1 from the children 

“I enjoyed singing our songs in our music lesson”. 

“I’ve had fun playing in the drawing area with my friends”. 

“I like reading with my teachers”.

“I love playing outside”.

“I love playing in the mud kitchen outside, we made lots of pancakes for our friends”.
Class 2 from the children...

I like golden time, reading, doing reading quizzes, the story in English 'Winter's Child', drama in English, story time, painting our towers, playing with my friends, playtime, lunchtime, R.E., computing when we make tables and charts, learning tri-golf with Bethan, doing gymnastics with Rachel and maths.  I am excited to be going rock climbing! We are all excited to go rock climbing.
Class 3 from the children 

This week we have had our last woods session and we had a wonderful time.  We built dens and explored all the features of the wood. 

We have had fun in Geography learning about tectonic plates.  We had to scan a QR code and add countries and plates to a world map. 

We enjoyed lacrosse because we had a chance to play matches. 

Maths was good because we are learning how to do multiplication.
Class 4 from the children

We have enjoyed finding out how 'seasons' are created in our Earth and Space topic. 

I have enjoyed singing in a duet in music this week.

I have enjoyed learning ‘Matilda’ songs for the Music and Drama Festival.

In French, we have enjoyed learning about the weather and practising our best French accents.

We have been finding out about how rivers are used and looked at the positive and negative effects on habitats, plants and the environment. 

In Design and Technology, we have enjoyed completing our bridge constructions and evaluating them.

Class 1 we have been continuing to learn about the polar regions. We have been talking about different habitats and who lives there.

To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week we have been reading 'The Colour Monster', talking about all sorts of different feelings and using our emotional register.

Our story for the week was 'Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles'. We talked about similarities and differences to the original story. We then voted for our favourite - Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles won top spot.

In phonics, we are now learning to read longer words - we are doing a fantastic job! And in maths we have been working hard to compare groups of objects, using 'more than', 'fewer than' and 'equal to'.

Well done, Class One!


Class 2  The Year 1 children relished rock climbing last week and the Year 2’s are super excited for their turn next Friday.  Class 2 have focused and independently applied their learning this week as they completed their reading, SPAG and maths assessments.  Next week we will be focusing on our phonics assessments. 

We have LOVED joining in with the BBC 'Moodboosters' videos as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, as well as doing our daily emotional register where we share how we're feeling and often why we feel a particular way, it's become more of a news sharing time where we have learned a little more about our lives outside of school. 

For Safer Internet day we talked about the different APPs and websites we use then represented this on our own digital footprint. 

Our 'Tri-golf' PE lesson was outdoors as we have become much more accurate in hitting the ball to a target. 

Pupils are working hard both at home and school on their learning and we're proud of the responsibility they are taking for their own learning.   

Great perseverance has been shown by our 6 Year 1 gymnasts in attending their weekly before school gym practice, good luck to all the gymnasts next Friday!


Class 3  This week, the children have worked really hard during assessment week and given it their all.

We have also taken part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, where we talked about how we would like the Internet to be a safer place as well as celebrating the wonderful things we can use it for.

We have investigated shadows in Science and noticed patterns.

We had a great time making models of plate tectonics in Geography using foam and cream crackers to show how the plates move. 


Class 4 have had a fantastic week; they have worked really hard. Everyone demonstrated amazing focus and positive attitudes during assessments. Great work year 5/6!

We took part in a water workshop this week to investigate, what we use water for, how much we use, saving water and where our water comes from and goes (natural and human water cycles).  At the end of the session the children made a “water saving promise” to save water at home and school.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Eden Rock, we have some talented climbers. Everyone showed perseverance and resilience! 

Have a lovey weekend Class 4.

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