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07 December 2017

First meeting for our new school Online Safety Committee

Last Thursday Miss Kerr met with our new Online Safety Committee. This included children from each year group and also one of our Governors, Mr Gordon.

We discussed what we think we are already doing well in school to help children keep safe, and maybe more that we need to be doing.

We also had a look at the results of our 'Online Safety' Survey which every child took part in during November. From the data we could see some potential problems with how some of our children are using the Internet, and we talked about how we could help our school know the right way to use it.

Over the year we will be meeting again to take this further but initial ideas were: presenting assemblies, circle times, a newsletter and a display board in school.

Mr Gordon also helped us to realise that some parents might not know about new Apps online.

Miss Kerr gave out some booklets for the committee to give out in their classes which would help parents, but we all decided that we would like to help Parents to be informed too.

Well done for some very mature and thought-out ideas Committee, we look forward to seeing how you can educate us this year!

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