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30 November 2018


On Friday 30th November we took part in our annual Christingle celebration. Rachel from NISCU came to talk us through what each part of the Christingle means and we made some in our house teams; helping eachother to measure the ribbons, stick in the sweets and poke the candle in. After sharing a small service in the hall, we then went outside to sing festive carols and hear some Christmas poems. The excitement was building as the countdown commenced: and WHOOSH the Christmas lights were turned on the tree! The countdown to Christmas has begun.

On Tuesday 27th November Class 1 visited Tullie House to take part in their Under the Sea workshop. Sally was there to tell us some stories and show us around the museum. The Class loved seeing the skeleton. At first they thought it was a dinosaur but then we realised it had no legs. We worked out that it was a whale! We were able to look at other skulls and skeletons and also take part in some wonderful activities set up for us.

Class 4 enjoyed their visit to Tullie House Museum and Carlisle Castle, they found out even more about WW1. The children were given the opportunity to handle original artefacts from WW1 and dress up in original soldier’s uniforms. We also visited the Military museum and took part in an interactive workshop to find out how women and children helped during wartime.

16 November 2018

Children in Need

On Friday 16th November Crosby took part in Children in Need. Everyone in school could wear pyjamas, or something that was stripy/spotty if they brought a donation in for the charity.

In Class 1 we read a story about how Pudsey Bear helped children by raising money.

Then we made our own Pudsey Pizzas! We used this opportunity to practise our learning of the 'p' sound; choosing ingredients like pepper, pepperoni, pineapple and even peas to put on our pizza! The children became very interested in where the food had come from after reading a book earlier in the week about world foods. We had a discussion about whether all foods could be grown in all countries and this is something we will be exploring in the next few weeks.

09 November 2018

Remembrance Service

On Friday 9th November Class 4 hosted a moving service in church to remember our fallen soldiers. The wrote their own script with poems and letters from their literacy lessons. These werre incredibly thought-provoking and sensitive. We also held a minutes silence. The children sat impreccably throughout; we were very proud of them. Afterwards Miss Weston handed out our school value certificates to those in school who have shown courage in their own way this week.

After school today parents were invited to come and find out about how we are teaching our new Maths scheme 'Power Maths' through our KS1 and KS2 classes. We were pleased to see lots of parents turn up and have a look at the children's workbooks, see what interactive materials are used on the plasma screens and also learn about the different methods used to teach Maths to our children.

If parents still have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the teachers any night after school.

05 November 2018

Poppies Assembly

Today, 5/11/18, Margaret and Judith visited to tell us all about why we buy poppies at this time of year. They explained about the work that the British Legion do to help support families affected by the war. We are looking forward to lots of other Remembrance events happening throughout this week inside and outside of school. Poppies (and other items) are still available to buy in school all week.

02 November 2018

Online Safety Committee

On Friday 2nd November we had our very first Online Safety Committee meeting this school year. Miss Kerr met with representitives from each class and talked about the idea of writing our 'Online Safety Policy.' We discussed why the Internet is a brilliant thing to use, but we also recognised it's dangers. We celebrated the different ways that teachers currently help us to learn about online safety (lessons, questionnaires, circle times, assemblies, Safer Internet Day, displays). We then thought up ideas to use this year which would improve their knowledge further such as games, homework challenges and also the Committee suggested that they themselves could go back to teach their own classes.

Miss Kerr will write all of this into our new school policy. Good work Committee!

02 November 2018


On Friday 2nd November Class 1 and Class 2 had a very special visitor: Priya from Tullie House. Priya came to teach us about the Hindu celebration of Diwali which is at the start of November.

In Class 1 Priya told the class the exciting story of Rama and Sita with the demon Ravana, before showing them how to dance with lots of wonderful actions to some Indian music. She compared the Hindu celebration to Christmas in our homes.

In Class 2 the children were able to dress up in costume to act out the story and they too learned the dances.

What a wonderful morning and, Priya told us, our children were a credit to the school. Well done.

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