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Just in time for Easter, on Tuesday 16th April, an incubator and twenty eggs arrived in Class One! There are two different breeds of eggs, ten of each type.  In between 18 and 21 days the eggs will hopefully hatch and we will welcome the baby chicks!

02 April 2019

Class 4 Courts

Children from Class 4 visited the Magistrates Courts last Friday to take part in a mock trial. The theme for the trial linked really well to the work we have been doing in school around internet safety; it was about a child who had been accused of harassment using social media and text messaging.

The children all had a great time playing their parts in the trial and they found it an enjoyable way to learn about the consequences of misusing social media.

02 April 2019

Glasgow Trip

On Monday 25th March, we travelled up to Glasgow to visit the Riverside Museum.  We were exploring journeys and a transport museum seemed like a fitting beginning to our Science Week. 

We visited the tall ship and got to see how the crew lived on board.  We also swabbed the deck, we did it well and fortunately, weren’t made to walk the plank!

Inside the museum there were walls of cars, an old street to explore and trams and buses to climb on board.  We also went on the underground and subway. 

The children explored to their heart’s content and had an inspirational day.

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