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Class 1 had an exciting trip out to Pizza Express this week. They all watched as Tom, the pizza chef, made the dough, then all made their own pizza. The children (and adults) all had a great morning, and the pizzas were delicious.

We have also been learning about different types of technology, in school and at home. During maths we have looked at artists who use shapes in their work and had a go at making our own.

Our story for the week has been 'We're going on a Bear Hunt', we have enjoyed acting it our together and making our story maps. 


Class 2  Comments from the children..

I liked finding the 7 continents on the globes, maps and in the atlases. I love phonics.  Learning about the leaning tower of Pisa and building strong towers with blocks and Duplo.  Wet playtimes are fun and playing in the puppet show.   I like the frog puppet.   I liked English learning about instructions.  It was fun making the bubble makers.   I loved it when I could blow bubbles.  I enjoy reading books in the reading area.  I like playing football.  I love playing in class two.  Computing was my best activity because we made pictograms of our favourite animals.   I like Mrs Robinson teaching us!


Class 3 This week, Class 3 have started learning about light in Science and thinking about light sources and reflections.  We have written wonderful volcano poems.  We are excited about our visits to Blackwood.


Class 4 are settling well into the new Spring term. This week they have been busy learning new skills in PE (lacrosse). In Geography, the children have enjoyed learning about the water cycle and locating rivers in the UK and around the world. In Science, the children have been finding out about the different phases of the moon.  

Our new Ethos group are taking their responsibilities very seriously, which is great to see.  I have been very impressed with Class 4s commitment to reading at home. Lots of quizzes have been taken. Keep up the great work! 

From the children…

Class 1

I loved Mummy and Daddy coming to watch me dance.

I’ve had fun with friends in the home corner.

Singing in the play.

Mummy and Daddy watching me as a donkey.

I liked Mummy and Daddy watching me on the stage.

Mummy, daddy, Mike and Grandma coming to watch our play.

My Mam came to the play to see me be a Star!

I loved my Mummy and Daddy watching the show so much.


Class 2 

I liked making our pop-up card with the fire inside in DT. 

My favourite thing was the Christmas Play.

I liked it when the Wisemen did the camel train because it was so funny.

I liked the Shepherds bit in the Nativity. I liked baking shortbread. 

I liked baking and crafts.  Me too...I liked colouring in our decorations. 

I liked it when we were in the provision, playing with the Lego.  We like finding 'Puddles'.



Class 3

We really enjoyed performing our play- Joseph.  

We have also enjoyed creating our awesome endings slides this week. We have organised it ourselves and we are looking forward to showing our parents.  

We liked making our 3D Christmas Cards in D and T. They were quite tricky to make and we had to persevere.  

We have also enjoyed doing our Christmas crafts this week.   

We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Class 4

I really enjoyed designing a pop-up Christmas card, it was quite tricky, but they look amazing! 

Our play was so fun, we loved performing for our families and the whole school.

I really enjoyed arithmetic and improving my scores.

We enjoyed making bunting for our VE Day celebrations.

We have enjoyed making Christmas crafts, we made funny elf door hangers.

I loved baking using rationed ingredients for VE Day.

Class 1 This week we have been very busy rehearsing for our ‘Wriggly Nativity’. We have made our teachers very proud with our singing and dancing – there is a lot to remember but we are persevering.

We were very excited to discover our water area had completely frozen over – we experimented with ways to break the ice and enjoyed painting it different colours.

We have been learning all about the First Christmas and the birth of Jesus and created our own nativity scene. We also worked together to retell the story.

In our Maths lessons we have been exploring shapes, with a focus on circles. We made our own circles and turned them into something special for our Christmas tree.


Class 2  have shown great perseverance this week as they practiced 'Wriggly Nativity' and wrote a final copy of their letter to Santa.  There was a real buzz on Christmas dinner day, especially when it started snowing!  The class are enjoying the morning hunt for Puddles and our advent calendar day, date and month focus during December.  They are increasing their independence and individual responsibility to remember to put on their coat, hat, gloves and scarves due to the change of weather this week.  We are looking forward to sharing our Nativity and Awesome Endings with family and friends next week.


Class 3 This week in Class 3 we have been practising making a pop-up fold in D&T for our Christmas cards. In Maths, Y3 have been working on addition and subtraction and Y4 began their multiplication and division unit. They are getting a lot more confident with their times table knowledge.  They have also been working really hard on our performance of Joseph and they cannot wait to perform next week! 


Class 4 have had a really positive week; everyone enjoyed the amazing Christmas lunch served up by Mrs Potts. After lunch Mrs Dalgleish surprised the children with a 'snow machine' which was great fun! We have been putting the final touches to our Christmas Production, creating props and a background, the children are so excited to perform in front of an audience. 

In Science we have been carrying out practical experiments to find out which material is the best thermal insulator. Everyone made predictions and decided on the variables required to carry out a fair test. In maths, the children have been comparing fractions in year 5 and multiplying fractions in year 6. Everyone has demonstrated a good understanding and worked hard. We have begun our preparations for 'Awesome Endings' too! We look forward to welcoming parents into Class 4 next week.

Class 1 enjoyed their last trip to the forest of 2022. We had a great time. “I loved the popcorn popping”, “it was so cold, but the hot chocolate made us warm again”.

Our book of the week was ‘One Snowy Night’. We have learned about different animals that hibernate, talked about how Percy shows our Christian Values, and worked together to draw out all the characters. “I like the fox best”, “I think it’s really funny when they all fall out of the bed”, “I love the mole”.

In maths, we have been playing lots of games to help us with our number recognition – Puddles, our class cat, has been helping us with this! “We help Puddles know how many claps it is, he needs us to show him”.

We are working hard to learn our songs and dances for our ‘Wriggly Nativity” and are getting very excited about it.

Class 2  

I liked computing researching and finding out about the countries in the United Kingdom.

I like to do the Christmas play.  I like the play too.

I loved finding Puddles and decorating the Christmas tree.

I love 'Puddles'.

I liked putting stuff on the tree.

I love our Christmassy classroom and the dressing up in the role-play area.

I love sausage roll and beans for lunch.

 Class 3

We learnt facts about Tutankhamun in our history lessons.  

We really enjoyed dance club on Thursday night this week and Christmas craft club.  

In computing we made our own reflection of a pyramid using Pixel Art. Some of us found it a little bit tricky but it was really enjoyable. 

I liked the woodwork activity that we did yesterday.  

We have also been to eco club and dance club on a lunch time this week which has been really fun! 

 Class 4

I have enjoyed practising the play and dances ready for our production.

We had fun learning about 'The Blitz' in History. We used role play to imagine we had to take cover in our Morrisons shelter. It felt scary and weird!  We created fact fans and knowledge checkers to ask each other questions.

In PSHE, we thought about why some people might post fake information about themselves on social media. We wrote a truthful and fake statement about ourselves, and everyone had to guess which one was fake.

We had a special visitor (Word on Wood) in school who taught us how to make a wooden instrument. 

I have enjoyed school looking very festive this week.

Class 1 have been very busy this week.

We enjoyed our last session with Emily from CDA and have learned lots of different moves.

We have begun learning our songs for our Christmas performance - a fantastic start, we’re very excited!

Our book of the week was ‘Little Red’, which has a slightly different ending to the traditional tale! We compared this with a different version of Little Red Riding Hood. We shared our opinions about why we liked each story, then voted for our favourite.

In maths, we have been learning all about how numbers are made. We did some printing to show the different ways we can make 4.

In PSED, we have been creating our own houses. We than drew out families to add to them, looking at the differences and talking about why being different is good.

Class 2  we have enjoyed starting our Christmas Nativity and are beginning to learn the songs. We have been writing letters to the crayons in the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We read some silly class rules in PSED and then made up our own. We also enjoyed our last dance session and dancing to Christmas music.


Class 3 have continued to work hard in maths this week when adding and subtracting and Year 4 have been working on some maths challenges to extend their learning. We have been reading a non-fiction text in our whole class reading sessions about broken bones. It became apparent that lots of the children in class 3 have broken a bone and they were quite interested in all the scientific terminology that we discussed. The children have also been learning their lines and songs ready for their Christmas performance, which they are all very excited about. Overall, it has been a great week in Class 3.


Class 4 have had a very productive week. Our highlight has to be our visit to 'The Devil's Porridge' museum which focuses on World War 1 and 2. The children experienced hands-on interactive workshops, where they had the opportunity to investigate living in the trenches, evacuation, the Blitz, ammunition factories, to name but a few. Their behaviour was impeccable; all of the adults commented on their fantastic attitudes and engagement. We were very proud of our pupils! 

In PE, the children finished their dance with Emily from CDA, it looks amazing; they will be performing their routine in our Christmas production. Watch this space! 

In English everyone has been busy finishing writing their letters, I am very impressed with their skills and focus. Some children have represented Crosby school this week in Cross Country and football, once again demonstrating our school values by being respectful, supportive with their peers and persevering.

Well done Class 4, have a lovey weekend! 

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