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Class 1 It has been another busy week in Class One. We have been talking about Pudsey and Children in Need this week, as well as focusing on kindness and how important it is to be welcoming to our friends. We have been reading the book ‘On Sudden Hill’ and talking about how the different characters feel and why. We also worked with our friends to create some huge monster boxes (friendly of course!), just like in the story.

We are working super hard on our phonics and are enjoying using this to make cards and write our own stories.

We are really enjoying our dance sessions with Emily from Carlisle Dance Academy.


Class 2 I loved meeting Pudsey.  I liked feeling the objects in Science.  I liked drawing the different materials.  'The Day the Crayons Quit' story is really good, the peach crayon's letter is SO funny, the crayons moan about what they are used to colour in.  The yellow and orange crayon have fallen out over the colour of the sun.  I liked writing about my favourite colour.  I hope I get to take Dizzy home this week.  We loved eating the sausage pasta that we made last week in school.  I really want to go to the actual woods this week. Wet playtimes are fun because we can play and relax.  I love lunchtime!


Class 3 Our week got off to a great start with a visit from Pudsey Bear. We had lots of fun dressing up and raising money for Children in Need. We have completed our instructions for mummification in English and we have been working really hard on our presentation. We have also worked hard in Maths this week whilst continuing to practise addition and subtraction in Year 3 and estimating and rounding amounts in Y4. It has also been antibullying week this week so we have been thinking about how we can prevent bullying and ways in which we can be kind to one another. It has been another great week in Class 3.


Class 4

Science has been fun because we carried out a practical investigation to test the properties of materials such as: permeability, magnetic, flexibility.

I have enjoyed letter writing in English, we have been writing in the character of Jim (a soldier who was part of the Christmas Truce). 

We enjoyed meeting Pudsey Bear this week, we got a chance to ask questions and tell him what our school has been doing for charity. 

I enjoyed taking part in children's worship about compassion, we talked about animals and how we can show them compassion. 

In PSHE we have been taking part in Anti Bullying Week, thinking about how we can support each other and how to ask for help.

Class 1 We have had such a lovely week together after our half term holiday. We have enjoyed sharing stories about our time off.

We have been focusing on ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ in our story times. We have read the story together, acted it out with friends and made story maps including our favourite parts.

“I like when the goat is chewing the table”.

“I think it’s funny when the cow is on the table dancing”.

In our mud kitchen, we have been very busy making birthday cakes, pancakes and hot chocolate. We even started a café and it was very popular.

“I love baking cupcakes for my friends – they’re very yummy”.


Class 2 from the children:

I liked learning about road safety from Pyjama Drama.  We had fun and learned how to cross the road safely.  It was funny when we had to walk as cool as a cucumber.  You should wear always wear a helmet because it can save your life.  I loved dance with Leony.  I like lunchtime and playing with the toys.   I like my dinner.  I can't wait to go to the woods.  We walk to the woods.  It will be a different woods.   I like going to the woods.


Class 3 After what sounds like a fabulous half term, the children have settled back in and produced some excellent work. They have worked really hard in Maths this week, practising their adding and subtracting. They have also been learning about Mummification in History and have been writing detailed instructions about it. They really enjoyed their PE lesson this week with the coach from CDA dancing to Walk like an Egyptian. Class 3 have had a super first week back and have shown great effort and perseverance. Well done class 3!  


Class 4 We have enjoyed creating our own war poems this week, trying hard to use similes and metaphors. We thought about the soldiers in the war, who sacrificed their lives and tried to imagine the battlefield.

We have enjoyed carrying out a science investigation to test the force of a load using levers. I like practical experiments.

In PE we have enjoyed learning new dance moves with Emily from CDA.

I have enjoyed maths, especially learning the chunking method for division problems.



The children who attended our netball club last half-term took part in a netball tournament at Willian Howard School on Tuesday.  All of the players showed sportsmanship and enjoyed playing matches against other schools.  Well done!

Class 1 from the children

“I liked our autumn walk through the village. We played on the park”.

“The puppets came to tell us a story, they did lots of dancing”.

“We went to Church for our first Harvest Festival, I loved singing with everyone”.


Class 2 from the children

Everyone loved the mini trampolines. The NISCU puppet show was funny and we enjoyed it.  We have worked hard on our diary writing as Toby from the great fire of London.  I liked our art afternoon.  We made items for our role-play bakery from clay.  I liked building the streets of London from Lego.  I liked painting Pudding Lane.   I like the baguettes I have for my dinner.


Class 3 this week, we have been working really hard to complete our assessments. As well as this, we have been writing our own Egyptian fairytales such as Cleo and the Sphinx and The Egyptian flatbread.  In Science, we were learning about fossils; how they are formed and important people who discovered dinosaur fossils. We had lots of fun on Tuesday jumping on the mini trampolines on the school yard; we would love to do it again sometime! We are also enjoying the Iron Man in our reading sessions and are eager to find out what happens next.  We have had a great 1st half term in class 3 and are now looking forward to the half term holidays. 


Class 4 from the children

I liked our music lesson because I like the 'Happy theme' of songs we are learning. 

I enjoyed the football tournament; we were proud to reach the finals. 

We enjoyed practising for harvest festival, I'm excited to show our hard work to parents.

We enjoyed trampolining because we bounced to lots of different songs.

I liked doing gymnastics, creating a routine to perform in front of the class.

I enjoyed maths because I enjoy subtraction problems.

I enjoyed taking part in a science investigation, we got to go outside to experiment with air resistance.

In History, I enjoyed learning about all the different animals who helped during WW1. Everyone was surprised that elephants and camels helped the soldiers.

Class 1 This week, Class One braved the elements with their first Forest School trip. Here are some of their favourite memories:

“We did singing and looked for bugs”.

“I liked the campfire and I loved the bus!”.

“I loved everything!”.

“I liked it when we played run away then ran back”

“I liked sitting next to the window on the bus. We could see lots of things on the way there”.


Class 2 R.E. has been a big part of the week for Class 2, with a Godly Play session, an extra session from Rachel (NISCU) and the class presenting the parable of 'The Mustard Seed' at Lanercost Priory today, they also sang the song in worship for the whole school to hear.   This week they have all applied their Maths and English knowledge as part of our assessment week.  They have enjoyed the digital art unit in computing and the year ones are becoming more effective at logging in and out using their personal username and password each week.   The pupils are relishing choosing the star of the day along with their choice reasons linked to our school values and classroom code.


Class 3 This week in Class 3, the children have been creating a plan and story maps for their Egyptian fairytales based on the story of The Egyptian Cinderella. They have worked really hard and we cannot wait to read their finished stories next week. In Maths, Y3 have been adding and subtracting and Y4 have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000. They have all been very persistent throughout the week. Class 3 have also been creating their Artwork for their Christmas cards this week and have produced some great work.


Class 4 have really enjoyed taking part in Bikeability training this week. They have all developed their skills for cycling by identifying and responding to hazards, starting and stopping correctly, complying with signals, signs and road marks and negotiating junctions. The children have listened well and remained focused to help them successfully pass the course. Well done everyone! 

In Science, we have been investigating 'Air Resistance' the children have enjoyed creating their own parachutes and carrying out experiments to find out which parachute had the best resistance against the force of gravity.  We talked about controlling variables to make it a fait test and compared results.

In Art and Design everyone has enjoyed designing a Christmas card which parents have the option to buy. Forest schools continues to be a big hit with the children, they continue to learn many skills and have been developing their orienteering skills this half term.


Classes 3 & 4 have had a good time getting out on their bikes and learning how to be safe on the roads. The children have achieved either Level 2 or 3 in Class 4 and Level 1 in Class 3.

Class 1 have been finding out how to make 2, 3 and 4. We have been on treasure hunts of the classroom to find all the different ways to show these. During PE, we have been practising our balances – we are getting really good at this and are managing not to wobble too much! We have enjoyed painting sunflowers in the style of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and have made a beautiful display. It has been another busy week!

Class 2 from the children:
I like gym with Kym (that rhymes). I LOVE gymnastics. I can balance on one leg, off the floor too! I like making shapes with my body. I'm good at straddle. I like the happy, sad and stretch cat. The bean warm-up is fun. The magic rope is's invisible. I like hardwork in Class 2. I liked watching animal BBC videos in science. Maths, spellings and phonics is good as well.

Class 3 from the children: This week in English, we have been reading the Egyptian Cinderella. We have been identifying the verbs in the story and we used the verbs to act it out. We have also done some computing this week where we made infographics to show the school rules. We really enjoyed this activity. In Maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers. We have been working really hard this week and we are looking forward to golden time on Friday! ?

Class 4
from the children:
Our music lesson was really fun this week, we practised playing the glockenspiel and recorder by following musical notes; we listened and appraised music from the seventies era.
I enjoyed Art and Design because we have been using our sketching skills and looking at Paul Nash paintings (from WW1).
I enjoyed finding out about Nelson Mandela in RE and how he fought for justice.
In English, I enjoyed researching a war poem (In Flanders Fields) we thought about the words and drew an image by painting a picture in our minds.
We enjoyed leading the worship this week, it was about National Poetry Day and how we can use our world around us to help write poetry.

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