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Class 1  This week the children enjoyed cooking bread in the forest. It was a delicious treat! The children in Reception spent lots of time and effort creating observational drawings of various flowers. They felt like ‘real artists’, using pastels. Their artwork is going to be displayed for all to see as they are very proud of it.

Class 2 This week the year twos have demonstrated maturity and enthusiasm for the reading and maths SATs, we are incredibly proud of their perseverance! During Mastering Number the year ones have investigated odd and even combinations as well as splitting 1 digit number into two parts. The class impressed us with their individual food chain building in Science. Class two are showing a developing knowledge of the weather and seasons and we will continue to monitor local weather patterns using their weather diaries in school.

Class 3 have had a wonderful week. It started with a trip to a Viking settlement; where we learned lots of gruesome ways the Vikings battled, heard some wonderful stories and got to handle some Viking artefacts. Our favourite was the ear spoon! The Vikings really took pride in their appearance. We have also finished some wonderful hero stories. We are very proud of these and the amount of imagination and skill that has gone into this piece of writing. Many of us have enjoyed the Keswick Duathlon on Thursday and took part with enthusiasm!

Class 4  This week in Class 4 we have enjoyed researching African instruments, thinking about sound and pitch, the materials they are made from and sketching diagrams. In PE we have been practising athletic skills, in preparation of going to WHS to take part in a tournament. We have been working hard on our story writing, linked to our class text, adding dialogue to advance the action. Some children enjoyed taking part in the Keswick event and rounders.  

Class 1  This week we have enjoyed reading ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and planting seeds in our gardening area. We have also enjoyed playing in our reading corner that is currently ’Rainbow Fish’ themed and decorated with our beautiful artwork! 

Class 2

I enjoyed making our own rollers in art and design.  I liked rolling animal patterns in art and design.  P.E. was good because the activities were fun. I love lunch because Mrs Potts makes the BEST food.  The Daft Bat story in P4C has us all thinking...

Class 3

We enjoyed going to the woods with year 5 and having a feast!

We have enjoyed playing along to a song with our recorders. 

We have enjoyed learning about Beowulf and we are now ready to write our own Hero Myths.

We have enjoyed sowing seeds and we will be finding own the best conditions for our seeds to germinate.

We have enjoyed History and continuing to learn about ancient times in Britain.

We enjoy doing Flashback 4 each morning.

Class 4 

Year 5 comments:

We really enjoyed going to the woods with class 3, we had a chance to work with tools, cook and play team games. We enjoyed talking about different ways to save money in PSHE. In Geography, we have enjoyed researching Nigeria; finding out about their culture, economy, climate and population.

Year 6 comments:

We have enjoyed coming into school to have breakfast with our friends this week because it was chilled and gave us a chance to chat with everyone. The toast was delicious and honey loops are our favourite cereal! 

At first we felt a bit anxious about SATs but there was no need to worry because we've learnt everything, we needed know before sitting the tests. We are happy they are over and have tried our best.

Class 1  This week class 1 have been reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and thinking about the themes of sharing, and loneliness. They have been focusing on the value of friendship in their play. Some children enjoyed exploring this value further at our ‘Fun and friendship outdoors club’ after school. Parachute games were the children’s favourite activity at our club this week! 

Class 2 Today we said a fond farewell to Mrs Britton who's been teaching in Class 2 since March.  This week the children have planned and then written their own animal traditional tale in English, in art they have been imitating animal/plant prints from the environment, during Science pupils explained why certain animals live in different habitats, whilst in Geography they've been learning the seven continents.  Year Two continue to work exceptionally hard in their daily SATs preparation time and have shown great commitment to this at home too, well done and keep up the great work class two!

Class 3 This week Class 3 have been working really hard on examining the Story of Beowulf.  They thought really carefully about how tension is built in the story and what tension is.  They have also created drama mountains to show this.  They have looked closely at leaves in science to find out what their function is.  Year 4 have been learning about decimals in Maths and are enjoying this new unit.  Year 3 have been working on fractions and solving fraction problems.  We have added flashback 4 to our day and the children are really enjoying this quick maths warm up each morning.  They have enjoyed beginning our swimming lessons each Tuesday too!

Class 4  Some children in class 4 have enjoyed leading whole school worship this week. We have started a new topic in computing, which they are all excited about. In PE, they have shown great teamwork and competitive spirit! In maths, the children are feeling much more confident in arithmetic skills, with some amazing results, which is great to witness. Year 6 have completed their SATs booster sessions; everyone has worked extremely hard and we couldn't be prouder of them. 

Have a rest over the weekend! 

Class 1  This week we are celebrating having tadpoles in our outdoor area. We look forward to watching them change and develop into froglets. Reception children were very excited to visit Susan's Farm on Wednesday.  They fed the chickens and held a lamb!  

Class 2 This week our best bits were going to Susan's Farm and the woods because we are learning about animals.  We saw tadpoles, sheep, rabbits, cows, horses and ponies and spotted lots of animal habitats like badger sets.  We felt the soft baby lambs, stroked Chester the pony and fed the ewes from our hands.  We heard the dog barking, birds tweeting and the lambs baaing.  We could smell the hay, fire burning and the manure.  The wraps and s'mores were delicious which we made for our lunch.

Class 3 This week we enjoyed wheelchair basketball because we got lots of exercise and it was fun.  We enjoyed decorating the bunting for the queens jubilee.

Class 4  In Literacy, we have really enjoyed starting our new class reader 'Journey to Jo'Burg' we have read the first few chapters and written a letter as the main character  (Naledi aged 13 years) who travels 300kms on foot with her little brother to find her Mum so they can help their baby sister. Can you imagine having to do that?

In Science, we have been investigating reversible and irreversible materials, there were a few surprises!

In Geography, we have been using an eight-point compass to find locations of countries in Africa, we really enjoyed using atlases and working together.

We have enjoyed creating bunting for the jubilee trail and are looking forward to seeing the rest of the village.

Class 1  This week Class 1 are celebrating being back together after the school holidays. We are excited to start our new topic ‘Isn’t it amazing?’,  and to find out all about ‘Under the sea’ and ‘In Space.’ The children have done some excellent home learning as an introduction to the topic. They have also enjoyed learning about doubles in maths.

Class 2 from the children

I have liked printing with different things like cars and corks in art. 

I liked doing the story mountain for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ in English.  

We were counting in 2s and 5’s in maths (Year 1).

We enjoyed doing our maths SATs practice in the hall (Year 2). 

I love all the Animals brilliant beginnings up in class two. 

We have enjoyed our sunny playtimes on the field.   

Class 3 It's been all about Design and Technology this week in class 3!  We have been learning about pneumatics and how air can be used to move objects.  We then used this knowledge to make a moving creature for a younger child.  We practiced lots of skills to improve our designs in order to make them work and we are proud of the designs we have created.  We look forward to bringing them home next week.  

Class 4  Welcome back Class 4! Everyone  has been busy sharing their fantastic Brilliant Beginnings which have included: map skills, cooking, matching games, interesting facts, artwork, designing drums - to name but a few! They have really enjoyed wheelchair basketball, which is always a favourite. We have also been practising our printing skills in art and design, creating wallpaper designs and tiles in the style of William Morris. Year 6 have shown amazing focus when working on SATs style questions in Maths and English, keep up the hard work and positive attitudes.

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