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Class 1 have had a busy week – we have enjoyed practicing songs for the Easter service and performing these in Church.  We have grown cress heads and have made Easter decorations.

Class 2 It has been another jam packed week in class two, here is one highlight from each day. On Monday, they curiously found out the results of their plants investigations which were set up in Science the previous week.  On Tuesday, the class confidently performed their 'Hero' dance to class one,  which has been posted on 'Seesaw'.  On Wednesday groups safely and hygienically made a joint fruit salad, learning to use a bridge and claw grip to hold the fruit.   On Thursday we celebrated earning all our class values stars with a play at the park followed by P.E. on the village green, where we experienced a wide range of weather! On Friday pupils enthusiastically sung their hearts out! Class two and Dizzy have worked exceptionally hard this half-term, showing true perseverance, well done everyone!

Class 3 have had a fantastic week. Lots of very busy activities taking place.  At the beginning of the week we had some groups out doing gymnastics and foosball.  Well done to all those that took part, tried their best and represented our school with pride.   

We have also worked on our Scratch programming skills and were able to create a traffic light animation that changed colour. 

We have been excited about our Science and observing how water travels through the stem.  We found out that the water travels through xylem to reach the parts of the plant that need it.  Talk to your family and see if you can remember what happens to the water once it has reached the leaf or petal?  

We also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our church service and singing our best!

Class 3 are bringing home some funny and colourful Easter cards to brighten your day.  We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter holidays.

Class 4 As always, the children were amazing, confident speakers during our Easter services.  Everyone commented on their beautiful singing and clear voices. We have also been learning about the introduction of railways in Victorian times. They enjoyed taking on different characters, who were either for or against this invention. 

Have a lovely Easter Class 4! 

Class 1 The children were very excited to have a police officer visit them today, as part of our topic ‘Who helps us?’ Officer Rochelle talked to us about what police officers do and how they can help us.  She showed us inside her police van and we got to climb inside! This was the highlight of our week.

Class 2 warmly welcomed Mrs Britton into our school; this week they have enjoyed learning about the importance of bossy verbs whilst learning about instructions with her.  In PSHE the pupils identified aspects of the school environment which they liked and disliked such as leaves and litter, so next week we will have a school tidy up to help improve the outdoors.  During online safety we comically learned about copyright and ownership and how content online belongs to other people and the importance of respecting this!  The class enjoyed comparing seeds and bulbs, drawing a labelling them both then planting them.   In DT we used created cards and a cross using various tools and techniques in order to achieve our outcomes!

Class 3 have been planning, writing and editing a set of instructions about 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. They have been working towards this for 3 weeks and the results are excellent.  We have begun our new Science topic about plants and already have lots of good background knowledge about this.  We have also come to the end of our Stone Age topic and learned a lot about this period in time.  We have been hunting for wildlife in the woods and enjoyed looking at the animals we captured on the trail cam.  

Class 4  thoroughly enjoyed their educational visit to Beamish Museum. Everyone immersed themselves into the experience. The children found out how strict the teacher was in Victorian times, some looked very shocked! We experienced what it was like to be a miner, dentist, chemist, baker to name but a few.. Another highlight was travelling on a tram! 

Class 4 ran the French cafe seamlessly while practising their French (along with class 3), this was very well attended and enjoyed by all. Thank you for your support we raised a total of £88.00

Class 1 The children say they particularly enjoyed their dance session this week. They had a lot of fun reading the Easter story and dramatising it too. They also enjoyed drawing around their feet, cutting out a footprint and measuring how many footprints long everything was in the classroom.

Class 2 The children each wrote on a post-it note naming their class two highlight of the week. The most popular activity was adapting the story of 'Supertato' into their own Hero/Villan story.  Football matches during games was the second favourite and acting out how to ask for help in P.S.H.E was the third because it was so much fun!

Class 3 have enjoyed another woods day.  We had a go at using the potato peelers and whittling knives to make our own Stone Age spears.  We have used this experience to practise writing instructions this week.  We have concluded our unit about solids, liquids and gases.  I wonder if they can tell you all about The Water Cycle?  Super effort and collaboration from Class 3 Superstars!

Class 4  from the children:

This week we have been practicing our songs for our performance.  We also have been looking at inherent traits and acquired traits in science.

In history we have stepped back in time using chalk boards, practicing Victorian handwriting and playground games.

In PE (football) we have learnt about positions, running and matches.

Class 1  have had a busy week once again. They had a great time at the woods and have been looking for signs of spring and new life. We designed, made and enjoyed pancakes as we started lent. They children had a great world book day and embraced dressing up as someone form a book about people who help us.

Class 2  Class two have enthusiastically embraced an exciting week of varied learning beginning with a 'Godly Play' session focused on 'The Lord's Prayer', their lego, written and pictorial responses captured the most significant part of the prayer.  On Tuesday our Florence Nightingale workshop at Tullie House brought this historical hero to life as she dressed, spoke and acted just like Florence did, "she had HUGE spirit" Sienna wrote in her recount, we also found out she worked in Crimea which is sadly close to where the current war is occurring.  World Book Day brought a wide great range of fictional Superheroes and non-fictional heroes into school, alongside lots of fun and laughter! 

Class 3 this week have had a busy week starting off at the woods for our first time as a class as well as World Book Day activities.  Class 3 showed respect by being responsible and listening to instructions to ensure we were safe in the woods.  This involved our new wood ‘boundaries’ after storm Eunice paid us a visit!

Class 4  rehearsals for the Cathedral Outreach project are coming on brilliantly. Everyone has enjoyed World Book Day - dressing up as Victorians to celebrate our topic and class reading book (Street Child). We have discussed our favourite books and authors and taken part in online activities. In PSHE, we have been thinking about our goals and aspirations for the future, especially year 6 children. 

Class 1  We are celebrating excellent turn taking and sharing on the bikes and scooters this week. Children have been patient and shown friendship.  We were very excited to meet Leonie, our new dance teacher from CDA and to take part in our first dance lesson in the block.  Class 1 also had a special visitor who told us all about her work at 'Renewi' as part of our 'People who help us' topic.  We thank Mrs Slack for coming in to speak with us.

Class 2  We liked dancing with Leony and games with Nick when we ran through the shapes on the yard.   Our class have enjoyed learning about non-fiction books about real life heroes and labelling the keyworkers kit.  We’ve liked doing lots of maths, having our lunches, choosing the superhero of the day and adding characters, speech and thought bubbles to our comic strips in computing. 

Class 3 have enjoyed doing backwashes in Art and drawing Varjak Paw as well.

Year 3’s have been learning in maths multiplication mostly 8’s, 3’s and 5’s also 2 digits and 1 digits.

Year 4’s have also been learning in maths 2 digits sharing 1 digit also part-whole models in maths as well. 

Class 4  have really enjoyed going to the Cathedral because we got to see other schools and had a practise of our songs together. Ed was really pleased with our progress! The Cathedral was huge, so we had to sing up.  In French we have been learning how to order food from the cafe. In RE we have enjoyed creating different crosses which represent Christians around the world. We have been working hard in Gymnastics to improve flight on the floor. 

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