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Class 1  This week the children have learned how to write a list.  They listed the animals in the origins of Chinese New Year story.  They also enjoyed finding out about tigers as it is the year of the tiger and making tigers in our creative area.  They had to work out which paints to mix together to make orange and went on to paint white and black stripes. 

Class 2  have been budding artists, using their colour mixing skills to create artwork inspired by the work of Kandinsky. They also found out facts about him. Please ask them to share their new knowledge with you. We have also worked hard to write our Superhero and Villain poems.

Class 3 have completed some impressive work on verbs on past, present and future tense including a range of types of verb.   Great work with Leony from CDA presenting their dance.  Class 3 have also learnt more about online safety and safe gaming.

Class 4  Class 4 have had another busy week! We finished our dance - taught by Leony Pollard from CDA and performed in front of Class 3. We also watched their dance routine, which was very good too! Our dance has been shared on Seesaw so parents can see how hard we have been working. In Literacy, we have taken part in a debate, sharing our balanced arguments to decide whether 'Jim' should escape from the workhouse. This week, we have also been thinking about wellbeing and how we can support each other. During Internet Safety Day, we discussed how to keep safe online when gaming and what information is appropriate to share. We thought about positive ways to behave online. Everyone has worked really hard this half term, enjoy your week off Class 4 and well done!

Well done to all of our gymnasts for their efforts this half term and for representing school so wonderfully. 

Class 1  This week we have enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. We read and acted out the story of Chinese New Year, made lanterns, paper dragons and found out about the traditions of this celebration.  Reception children have been given monitor roles to help with everyday jobs in the classroom.  They are excited to take on their new responsibilities.

Class 2  have been working hard during assessment week.  They have had excellent focus and perseverance.  They have also enjoyed 'Helping the Vet' by investigating which materials would be good for a dog beg.  The material needed to be absorbent.  We had fun testing materials!  Class 2 also enjoyed using paints to create tones by adding black paint to a colour.  PE was also fun as they were practising chasing and dodging skills.

Class 3 have had another great week. Firstly, a huge well done to everyone for their focus and hard work with our assessments so far. We have also edited and written final drafts of our versions of 'Stone Age Boy' and they are brilliant. Well done Class 3, we look forward to sharing them with parents at parents evening next half term. 

Class 4  This week in Class 4, the children have been working really hard on their assessments. They have stayed focused and had fantastic attitudes towards their learning! In computing,  they have learnt a new skill; adding voice over's to their eBooks. In RE, they have designed their own places of worship,  using ideas from previous lessons. 

Class 1  This week we have learned how to make brown paint so we could print our handprints to make feathers for our Plop display. We have also enjoyed rolling the large die to play a maths game, finding missing numbers. We have learned new sounds in phonics and practised our writing.

Class 2  This week, class 2 have had a fantastic gymnastics session. We were doing bunny hops!  We were doing some reading comprehension. We enjoyed lunchtime because it was different having a packed lunch.  We liked spelling because we learned new words. Science was amazing because we had to try and find a material to stop ice melting.  Art was fun because we learned how to tint using white to make colours lighter.

Class 3 We have learned more about Scratch. In science we enjoyed finding out about materials and their changes in state. We have enjoyed learning a new song today and performing it to the whole school. 

Class 4 we have enjoyed writing our diary entries, in the character of Jim, from our class reading book 'Street Child'. In Year 6, we have enjoyed our first Booster sessions, the atmosphere was calm and chilled. We got a chance to look at the maths and reading questions we find tricky. In dance this week, we enjoyed working in partners , making up our own routines to the beat of eight and adding to our whole class routine. 

Class 1  This week the children were excited to look at helmets from parents who have important jobs – we have seen a firefighter helmet and a police helmet!  Some children tried on these helmets and we talked about their special features.  The children have also enjoyed making and playing with sand dough.

Class 2  have planned and created some fantastic comic strips this week. They enjoyed using speech bubbles and onomatopoeia to add detail to their stories.  See if your child can tell you what onomatopoeia is and give some examples.  They have enjoyed carrying out experiments into waterproof materials to make a new suit for Traction Man.  We have also worked very hard in art exploring colour and mixing primary colours. Great work has been posted on Seesaw. We look forward to seeing all the Traction Man stories. What a busy week Class 2, well done!

Class 3 Another busy week in Class 3. The children have been working hard to plan their Stone Age stories and we are all looking forward to writing them next week. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm for learning in the classroom, especially in maths this week where the progress in times tables knowledge has been great. We were incredibly proud of the class towards the end of the week when it was noted how welcoming and polite they were whilst working with other adults in the school. Well done Class 3. 

Class 4 have been planning and carrying out their own Scientific enquiry this week, to find out whether exercise affects the heart rate. They have learnt how to measure their pulse rate.  They have also demonstrated a mature attitude in PSHE, when discussing the affect alcohol, smoking and drugs have on the body. In French, everyone has been practising writing, reading, and speaking about habitats with confidence.

Fantastic work has been posted on Seesaw too with some impressive videos!

Class 1  The children say that the best part of their week has been playing outside- especially digging in the big sandpit, dressing up in the ‘people who help us’ outfits, playing on the climbing equipment and the monkey bars. Reception have also enjoyed starting a new class book ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark,’ by Jill Tomlinson. Mrs Turney is extremely impressed with Class 1’s handwriting this week. They have made excellent progress!

Class 2  We have enjoyed our learning from the book, ‘Traction Man’. We have enjoyed making comic strips and writing them. In year two we have learned that repeated addition is the same as multiplication. We are learning about real life superheroes. We have learned about Florence Nightingale. We enjoyed reading to the year threes.

Class 3

We liked all the brilliant beginnings and the Stone Age boy book. 

We’ve also enjoyed our Power maths, dividing and multiplying.

We’ve enjoyed doing adverbial phrases.

Class 4 In Class 4 this week, we have enjoyed creating our own 'Freeze Frames' using drama techniques in Literacy. We have also taken part in a music workshop with Ed Taylor (music specialist). We have started to learn songs for the Cathedral Performance. In computing, we have begun our new topic, practising adding hyperlinks to create our own eBooks. We have really enjoyed lots of different lessons this week! 

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